Royal Canin Medium Junior


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A customised nutritional formula for medium and large breed puppies. Medium Junior contains a high level of protein of 32% and provides optimal energy of 4244 kcal/kg to meet your puppy's high nutritional requirements.

Medium Junior ensures maximum digestive safety through highly digestible protein sources, chicken, reduced starch levels of 25% and FOS and Beet Pulp which nourishes the intestinal flora. Medium Junior is perfectly formulated to provide the right levels of calcium and phosphorus to ensure proper bone growth and healthy teeth.

Medium Junior builds natural defenses with its immunity booster which includes a patented synergetic complex of anti-oxidants for immunity; mannan-ogligosaccharides to stimulate the production of antibodiesl; essential fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat; vitamin A and biotin for cell growth and chelated zinc for healing skin.

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